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Tips for Hiring the Best Healthcare IT Employees

With demand exceeding supply for some healthcare IT jobs, hospitals and other providers cannot afford to drag their feet when looking to fill open positions. With that in mind, here is a list of best practices for hiring the best employees possible.

Develop a project plan and timeline

Top healthcare organizations approach the hiring process with a detailed project plan and timeline agreed upon by all key stakeholders. They begin by thoroughly outlining the position requirements and specifications to determine exactly what they are looking for in a candidate prior to starting the search process. They ensure key decision makers are in agreement about the type of candidate they believe will be successful in the position.  By working out the specifications in the beginning, they avoid wasting time on ill-equipped candidates.

Act quickly and decisively

Top candidates are not available long and numerous companies often lose their perfect candidate to an organization that simply moved faster. Consulting firms, in particular, are nimble in their hiring process and most seem to move at lightning speed to acquire top talent.

Compare candidates to the job, not to each other

To streamline the hiring process, compare each candidate to the job requirements and focus on each individual’s fit with the organization rather than comparing candidates against each other. Comparing candidates typically lengthens the hiring timeline and is less effective in identifying those individuals who will be most successful at an organization.

Keep the end in mind

Despite the need to act quickly, top-performing organizations always hire based on long-term organizational objectives versus short-term needs. While some organizations take too long, others rush the hiring process or place too much emphasis on finding the “cheapest” option instead of finding a quality candidate who will have a meaningful tenure and be a star performer.

Cater to your candidates

The best organizations recognize the importance of courting top talent in today’s market and understand that open communication throughout the hiring process and timely feedback are critical. They understand that candidates are judging them on efficiency and how well they communicate throughout the process. Too often organizations lose top candidates due to lack of communication and positive reinforcement throughout the hiring process.

By incorporating these best practices into the hiring process, organizations can overcome the challenges of today’s market and can ensure they’re acquiring the top healthcare IT talent.