Leadership Development for Cybersecurity Leaders

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Innovative virtual education for your high-potential cybersecurity leaders

Nearly eight out of ten cybersecurity teams are being led by someone without prior management experience (Lighthouse Research).

Does your cybersecurity team lack the knowledge to become strategic partners and innovative anticipators who can enable and drive business opportunities?

Brought to you in partnership with Ouellette & Associates, The CyberLX is the most comprehensive leadership development experience custom-built for cybersecurity leaders.

The CyberLX Leadership Experience is a nine-month cohort-based leadership development program, delivered virtually for mid-level cybersecurity leaders that:

  • Builds the next generation of cybersecurity leaders
  • Equips your high-potential leaders to promote their value to internal and external stakeholders
  • Builds a strong talent brand so you can attract, engage, and retain the best workforce
  • Future-proofs your organization by developing leaders with the competencies to help your organization compete, grow, and differentiate

Build your pipeline of future-ready leaders

The CyberLX leadership program includes:

  • Self-Awareness and Impact
  • Peer connections
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • Cyber leadership development

Signature leadership workshops included in the program are:

  • Leading in a Cybersecurity Organization
  • Consulting skills
  • Marketing a Cybersecurity Organization

These workshops are designed to help managers transition from a cybersecurity solution provider to a strategic partner, and ultimately to an “innovative anticipator” delivering game-changing value to their organization.

Attendees not only gain new leadership skills, but also the ongoing support of experienced mentors and expanded peer networks.

A transformational leadership journey

The CyberLX develops participants' leadership skills, expands their professional network, and empowers them to take the next step in their career journey. To get the greatest value from The CyberLX participants are expected to:



Have the desire, commitment, and capacity to learn and apply a growth mindset. The more invested, the greater the ROI for the organization.



Plan to take on significantly expanded responsibilities within 1-3 years and progress to the role of senior leadership.



Actively participate in and complete all required program components, including but not limited to:

  • Three virtual classroom sessions
  • Three peer problem-solving sessions
  • A virtual networking event
  • Three virtual meetings with a mentor
  • Capstone project

Creating positive change for cybersecurity leaders

“I went in thinking I'd be zoned out, bored, and paying attention to work. I left day one with my phone off, email off, and eagerly anticipating the next session."

"Walked away feeling I have improved skills and knowledge."

"I forced myself to challenge existing ideas and not only use these leadership skills professionally but personally."

"Great perspective on how to better position yourself and your IT organization to better work with the rest of the business to more collaboratively achieve outcomes."

"Great tools for a leader's toolbox."

"I was challenged to be more creative and direct with my communications."

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