Jocelyn Clarke and Myra Davis Speak at CHIME 18

Posted on 11-07-2018

Jocelyn Clarke, Executive Director of Kirby Partners and Myra Davis, Senior Vice President/CIO of Texas Children’s Hospital spoke to a crowd of approximately 300 healthcare leaders at the CHIME 18 Fall CIO Forum, as part of the “Leadership from the Edge” series last week in San Diego.

Recognizing that there are notably fewer women healthcare CIOs than men, Jocelyn along with Kirby Partners President, Judy Kirby interviewed top female CIOs to see what could be learned from successful women in healthcare.  Jocelyn and Judy spoke with female CIOs at leading organizations such as Johns Hopkins, Memorial Sloan-Kettering, and Dignity Health, who successfully worked around any barriers to achieve notable success.  They captured insights from these in-depth conversations and summarized key findings applicable to anyone looking to drive results in healthcare IT.

One of the key findings from the CIO interviews Jocelyn and Judy conducted was that the successful female CIOs, including Jocelyn’s co-presenter Myra Davis, all exhibited a strong growth mindset. These leaders also expected equality, actively sought opportunities to develop their potential and advocated for themselves authentically.

Jocelyn’s presentation, “The Sky is the Limit: Insights from Women Healthcare CIOs” was inspirational for both men and women and particularly resonated with female executives with daughters.  “I talked with lots of people after the speech who mentioned that they wanted to share our ideas with their college-age daughters who are in STEM programs. A few mentioned that we shed light on a reality that is seldom discussed openly,” Jocelyn said.

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