Judy Kirby and Jocelyn Clarke Speak at CNFL HIMSS

Posted on 06-20-2019
CEO of Kirby Partners Judy Kirby keynote speaker at Orlando HIMSS

Judy Kirby, Chief Executive Officer of Kirby Partners and Jocelyn Clarke, Executive Director of Kirby Partners, spoke to an audience of about 100 healthcare IT professionals last week at the 2nd Annual Women in Health IT Conference held at Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando.

Their presentation, “Finding Your Work-Life Harmony” addressed the challenge that many working women face of trying to balance their professional goals with the demands of their personal lives.

The idea for the presentation stemmed from hundreds of conversations the Kirby Partners team has had with executives; we’ve found that the idea of achieving work-life balance remains a significant challenge for most executives.  The very idea of “work-life balance” sets an unrealistic expectation that it’s possible to keep our different roles in steady equilibrium and in recognition of this, Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has coined a new term “work life harmony”.  When you strive for harmony instead of balance you’re letting go of the idea of strict tradeoffs and recognizing that there are “seasons” when your family needs more focus and times when your work needs more focus.

In their presentation, Judy and Jocelyn helped their audience clarify their goals, shared ideas for achieving peak performance and discussed ways to work smarter, not harder.  They shared strategies, tactics, and tools that have the power to make executives’ lives easier and save them time.

Both Judy and Jocelyn felt the conference was invaluable and were excited about the ideas shared.  “It was so inspiring to spend the day with women leaders in healthcare IT discussing topics around leadership, mentorship, and innovation,” Jocelyn said.

If you missed the presentation, check out our summary e-book “Kirby Partners’ Guide To Finding Your Work-Life Harmony” here.


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