Checklist – Preparing for a Video Interview

Posted on 10-30-2018
preparing for a video interview

When it comes to the job interview process, using technology to evaluate candidates remotely is an effective tool for both executive recruiters and hiring managers. If used correctly, it can save time and money. However for candidates, not being on top of your game because of technical issues, a video interview could have dire consequences. Our executive recruiters have seen every possible technical mishap occur and have developed a video interviewing checklist to ensure you ace your next video interview:

☐ Test your equipment install any needed applications or plug-ins

☐  Conduct a test session with a friend or colleague

☐ Speed check your internet connection; ensure an upload or download speed of at least 5 Mbps

☐  Confirm your interview date and time

☐  Conduct research on the organization and interviewer

☐  Prepare answers to expected questions

☐  All other phones are turned off or are on silent

☐  Background is free of distractions and clutter

☐  Check your lighting to make sure you’re adequately lit and there aren’t shadows on your face

☐  Location is away from common living areas, such as the kitchen

☐  Door is locked to avoid surprise visits from family members

☐  Your face is centered on the screen

☐  Rehearse good body language and strong eye contact on camera

☐  Practice recording yourself in advance and address any problem issues

☐  Remove pets from the room

While our executive recruiters conduct dozens of weekly video interviews, we find that the best ones run smoothly when the candidate has addressed all the potential technical glitches upfront and can focus solely on their performance.

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