Recruitment Strategies for Building A High Performing Team

Posted on 05-28-2020
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Your executive hires need to be the best talent available, so your recruiting strategies must be dialed in.  Attracting the right candidates to fill key executive positions can be daunting. If you’re like most organizations, you’ll find yourself inundated with unqualified candidates when you post an open position.  Finding the right words to craft a compelling job description, making sure your company’s brand and culture are properly portrayed and keeping up with the latest trends are just a few of the many tasks involved in developing successful recruiting strategies.

5 recruiting strategies for hiring a high-performing executive

Leverage Your Employer Brand

Many organizations spend time and money building their corporate brand, but few take the time to polish their employer brand. To attract the right candidates for your jobs, you need to understand the strengths of your company as an employer. What do you offer your employees? This is more than just the standard retirement, health insurance, paid time off package; this is the entire employee experience. Do you provide a clear path for employee advancement? Do you offer meaningful perks like flexible hours or the option to work remotely? Determine your company’s greatest strengths and then highlight those in your job postings, on your website, and in your social media accounts. A potential employee is going to check you out online, so show off your employer strengths on these platforms.

Promote Your Company Culture

Similar to your employer brand, your company culture is determined by your core values and goals, the work environment, how employees interact with one another and more. Promote your positive company culture by highlighting employee achievements and team-building activities on social media. Or, take it a step further and create a recruiting website where you can really showcase your brand and culture by posting photos, videos, employee testimonials and more.

Write A Compelling Job Description

The job description you write should be targeted to your ideal candidate and should reflect your brand and culture. Start with a strong job title as this will be the first thing the candidate sees. Make sure the title reflects the actual role of the position and the skills and experience the candidate will need. Next, write a short but powerful summary in a tone that reflects your employer brand. For instance, if your company is ultra-modern and innovative, then write in a more laid-back tone, highlighting some of the cool perks you provide like unlimited lattes in the break room. If your company is highly traditional, then you may use a more professional tone and describe benefits like stock options. Avoid creating stiff lists of daily tasks, focusing instead on the role this position will play in the company, the overall responsibilities of the job and the opportunities for advancement.












Develop Strong Videos To Engage Candidates

Video is a powerful tool for recruitment because it really allows you to communicate your brand story. Film employee testimonials or day-in-the-life videos to share on your recruiting website or social media to give candidates an idea of what life is like at the company. Also, create videos that explain what your company does – what products or services you provide, what your core values are, etc. – and post those on your website or play them at career fairs to give potential employees a better understanding of the company as a whole.

Engage an Executive Search Team For Added Support

Executive recruiting firms, like Kirby Partners, are a great resource, especially when you’re trying to fill executive-level positions. These firms have access to highly-skilled and qualified employees and can save you hours of time sifting through resumes and candidates that don’t meet your qualifications. Recruitment firms are also helpful if you need a candidate with very specialized skills or if your company is in a niche sector. A recruiting firm will be able to identify your needs and find the right candidates to match you with, so when it’s time for the interview, you know you are sitting down with the best-of-the-best.  Contact us to learn more about our recruiting strategies and ways we can help you fill your strategically significant positions.


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