Kirby Partners Launches Technology Leadership Program

Posted on 12-10-2020
Kirby Partners launches new technology leadership program

Legendary coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders are made, they are not born.”

So, how do you actually develop future-ready leaders?

From our more than 30 years of working with healthcare organizations, we know that few organizations have the answer.

Most mid-level IT managers are “accidental leaders” without any formal leadership or business training. These professionals frequently have strong technical skills but are lacking the business acumen to successfully support the incredible digital transformation occurring in healthcare.

About our Technology Leadership Program

The Kirby Partners’ Healthcare Technology Leadership Experience (Healthcare TechLX) is a comprehensive technology leadership program that transforms high-potential managers and directors into business savvy, value driven and innovative leaders.

Brought to you in partnership with Ouellette & Associates, Healthcare TechLX is the most comprehensive leadership development experience custom built for IT leaders. TechLX is recognized as a top ten IT leadership development program by

“I recently spoke with a CEO at a multi-billion dollar health system about the tremendous need for CIOs and their teams to evolve from technology experts to business leaders who excel in technology,” said Judy Kirby, President of Kirby Partners. “I’ve seen the need for a technology leadership program for mid-level IT managers for a long time. Healthcare TechLX uniquely helps IT professionals develop the leadership skills critical to success in a digital age. We’re thrilled to partner with Ouellette & Associates to bring their acclaimed program to the healthcare IT community,” Kirby said.

The Healthcare TechLX is a 12-month leadership development program, conducted virtually for mid-level IT managers that:

  • Equips your team members for their next role in your organization
  • Positions your high-potential leaders to take on tomorrow’s C-level roles
  • Builds a strong talent brand so you can attract, engage, and retain the best workforce
  • Future-proofs your organization by developing leaders with the competencies to help your organization compete, differentiate, and continue to grow in an increasingly disruptive market

The Healthcare TechLX program includes:

  • Virtual leadership workshops
  • Peer problem-solving sessions
  • 1:1 mentoring
  • A complete personal development and learning plan
  • Access to 5,000+ microlearning resources

Signature leadership workshops included in the program include: Leading in a Technology Organization, IT Consulting Skills, and Marketing a Technology Organization. These workshops are designed to help managers transition from an IT solution provider to a strategic partner, and ultimately to an “innovative anticipator” delivering game changing value to their health system.

Attendees not only gain new leadership skills, but also the ongoing support of experienced mentors and expanded peer networks.

Learn more about the Healthcare TechLX.

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