Three Ways Emotional Intelligence can Boost Productivity

Posted on 02-27-2019
emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence, also sometimes referred to as emotional quotient, has quickly become a buzzword among human resources professionals and other leaders in charge of hiring and training new staff.

Boost Productivity by Hiring Candidates with Emotional Intelligence

Quickly defined, emotional intelligence (EI) is “the ability to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion into thought, understand and reason with emotion, and regulate emotion in the self and others.”

But what does an employee who has higher EI actually bring to an organization? Believe it or not, EI can have a big impact on productivity. Consider these three ways that emotional intelligence can improve a worker’s productivity, and in turn help an organization become more successful.

  1. Improved Teamwork – Employees that have a higher EI are better at working in teams either on an official or unofficial basis. Being able to listen to other’s ideas and implement them into a bigger project is a critical skill that makes for a more productive workplace. Plus, there will be fewer inner-personal struggles and teams will be able to accomplish more.
  2. Better Self-Management – EI gives employees the tools necessary to not only work with others but also to recognize issues within his or herself and resolve them quickly and easily. An employee who can manage his or her own emotions will have more time to focus on work. On the other hand, an employee who doesn’t understand his own emotions and how to keep them in check will likely get into “a funk” from time to time and may not be as productive and effective as they could be.
  3. Increased Leadership Skills – Not every employee is a natural leader, but having leadership skills can benefit almost everyone. Whether guiding peers or taking on leadership roles, employees who embrace their EI will succeed in helping an organization grow and thrive. Leaders aren’t just managers, leaders are found throughout the workplace and help everyone feel more optimistic about the work they are doing.

Without a doubt, EI is more than just a buzzword–employees who have this “something extra” are certainly a worthwhile addition to any organization. It is well worth seeking employees with a high level of emotional intelligence and working to increase your own level of emotional intelligence.

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