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What you Need to Know About Working with an Executive Recruiter

There is an old adage that the most important investment you can make is in yourself.  When you invest in yourself, your greatest rate of return will be from your career, so take the time to invest in a relationship with an executive recruiter to ensure your career is headed in the right direction.   What is the best way to work with an executive recruiter?

Sage advice is easy to give and in this case, quite simple.  The best way to work with an executive recruiter is total honesty.  It is that simple. The first step of total honesty begins with you.  What do you really want to be when you “grow up”?  Take the time to think through what you see as your next career move in terms of responsibilities, location, and compensation.  Write these facts down.  Committing to paper what a new opportunity looks like will save a lot of time and keep emotions in check later on.  Being able to have a very honest conversation with an executive recruiter can make your relationship with an executive search firm more effective and rewarding.

Developing a relationship with an executive recruiter in your vertical niche sets the stage for regular dialogue about not only relevant opportunities, but also serves as a way to bounce ideas around with someone knowledgeable about your industry.  Healthcare is changing rapidly and these changes have caused considerable CIO turnover and created a demand for CMIOs.  Since the majority of executive positions such as CIOs and CMIOs are filled through executive search firms, working with an executive recruiter may be critical to finding your next position.

Succinctly, an executive recruiters’ goal is to create a win-win situation where you move into a better career and the organization fills a critical position with the person who will bring the greatest value.

Here are some tips regarding working with an executive search firm:

Confidentiality: You need to trust the firm to respect the privacy of your search and not put your current position at risk by releasing confidential information or your resume.

Honesty: We cannot say it enough. Please, no surprises.  If there is anything in your background that may be a negative in regards to your job search, it is best to be honest.  Provide full disclosure about what is right for you, the required compensation, and the status of any other interviews. Likewise, you should receive full disclosure from the executive search firm as to the client, compensation range, responsibilities, and position requirements.

Respect: We need to be respectful of your time, privacy, and current position responsibilities. Please be respectful of our time by providing information and returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

Invest time into your career search and utilize an executive recruiter’s expertise to your advantage.  Long-term investments often yield the best returns, and the same can be true of your relationship with an executive recruiter.