Podcasts to Help Boost Your Career

Posted on 10-06-2022
Recommendations for best podcasts for careers

We received positive feedback from our blog post featuring the best books for job seekers so in the same spirit, we thought we’d provide our recommendations for the best podcasts for careers and for leadership development in 2022.

Best Podcasts for Careers

  • The School of Greatness – It’s hard to bounce back from an on-the-job criticism, job rejection, or another negative scenario. Lewis Howes, a former athlete and New York Times bestselling author, brings in business leaders, athletes, and entertainment icons to share their inspiring stories of success. This podcast can help you move beyond your stumbling blocks.
  • The Happiness Lab – Often we might think if only I made more money, or if only I had this… (you can fill in the blank here), then I would be truly happy. Yale University psychology professor and cognitive scientist, Dr. Laurie Santos, created this podcast based on her popular course “The Science of Well-Being”. Dr. Santos shares the insights of her research and simple, evidence-based tips and how to apply them to your life. 
  • The Mindset Mentor – If you’re desiring motivation, direction, and focus in your life, host Rob Dial blends neurology, neurobiology, psychology, early childhood development, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help you understand the way your brain and body work together. Dial believes that when you understand yourself, you can make it much easier to plan to change and succeed.

Best Leadership Development Podcasts

  • CIO Whisperers – Dan Roberts, considered to be one of the best-connected thought leaders in the CIO space, shares his candid conversations with successful technology executives. You’ll learn from the experiences that shaped their leadership philosophies and career journeys. Dan gives you an insider’s view of how the best CIOs anticipate the future, persevere through challenges, place big bets, and lead with courage and poise. We have partnered with Dan of Ouellette & Associates for Healthcare TechLX, a nine-week leadership development course, and are excited to recommend his podcast.
  • Lead to Win – Most of us wish we had more energy or knew how to delegate effectively to achieve a work-life balance but fail to know how to turn these wishes into reality. This podcast is hosted by Michael Hyatt and his daughter Meghan. Together they give weekly practical tips on such things as how to become a morning person, escape perfectionism, and say no with ease. Hyatt is a former publishing CEO and Meghan is President and CEO of his performance coaching company.
  • The John Maxwell Leadership Project – John Maxwell, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach, and speaker, offers insights on how to take advantage of every opportunity to influence others positively. Recent episodes include topics such as “Leading Difficult Personalities” and “Motivation: How Leaders Inspire Effort.”
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