10 Strategies for Hiring A Top Executive in 2019

Posted on 01-03-2019

Looking to hire an A+ healthcare or cybersecurity executive or interim leader for your organization in 2019?

For job seekers, the outlook in incredibly bright, which means employers looking to hire an executive will face fierce competition for the best talent.

Strategies for Hiring the Best Healthcare & Cybersecurity Executives

In our 30 years as executive search experts, we’ve found that organizations who consistently hire and retain the best healthcare and cybersecurity executives even in highly competitive markets do so by:

  1. Writing a clear and comprehensive job description focused on the benefits to the candidate or “what’s in it for them”
  2. Monitoring how their employer brand is perceived in the market
  3. Prioritizing a positive candidate experience
  4. “Selling” candidates on both the organization and the opportunity
  5. Project managing the hiring process and creating a sense of urgency around the hire
  6. Being transparent about their hiring process and timeline
  7. Simplifying the application process (given the salary history ban now in place in many states, now’s a great time to review the questions you’re asking on your job application)
  8. Providing timely feedback about the candidate’s status
  9. Collecting feedback from candidates about their interviewing experience and developing a plan to address issues
  10. Setting their new hire up for success with a strong onboarding program












By following these tips and enlisting an experienced executive search firm, like Kirby Partners, you can ensure your organization is positioned for hiring success in 2019.  Contact us today to discuss ways we can add value for you in your hiring process.

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