Guide to Evaluating a Job Opportunity (E-Book)

Posted on 11-07-2017
Kirby Partners proudly presents our Guide to Evaluating a Job Opportunity.

During our nearly thirty years in the executive search firm business, we have extended hundreds of job offers on behalf of our clients. We often see candidates place too much emphasis on one dimension of the offer, such as salary, rather than taking a more holistic approach to evaluating a job opportunity.  We find that when candidates take the time to carefully evaluate the position and offer details from all perspectives, they ultimately have increased job satisfaction and success.

We have used our extensive executive search industry knowledge and experience to create this eight-page guide to help you evaluate a new job.  The guide provides insight on how to discover your top motivators and how to objectively evaluate a job offer against specific criteria, such as compensation, organization reputation, corporate culture, team and boss, quality of life, and position scope and advancement. This e-book also provides a career assessment questionnaire and valuable relocation resources.

Click the image to access the e-book:

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