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Executive Resume Guide

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Resumé, we need to talk.

You’re the only thing standing between me and the job opportunity of my dreams. My income, benefits, and location for the next few years are all riding on you—a simple piece of paper.

The pressure is on.

You’re competing against thousands of other resumes.  

If you get in front of a hiring manager you likely have less than ten seconds to make an impression.  

Most of the time you're only being read by robots who aren’t impressed with fancy type, graphics, or words that try to make us sound important.  

I need a resume that works, and you're not delivering. 

It’s time for a resumé reboot. 

Just like a movie reboot, our story mostly stays the same. But, a few changes in the right places can put us in front of a whole new audience.

You just need to be clear and concise while grabbing attention. You'll drive us ahead of other executives who are playing by the wrong rules. 

Welcome to the Kirby Partners Executive Resumé Guide.

For the past 31 years, Kirby Partners has made it our job to get executives jobs.  

Forbes named us one of "America’s Best Search Firms" for the last three years in a row. We've helped hundreds of top executives craft better resumes and land their dream jobs.  

We understand that you're exceptional at the work you do. But if you're like most executives, you aren't necessarily good at marketing yourself and conveying the value you'll bring to an employer.  

That's where we can help.  

Learn from our expert team and benefit from the feedback we've gotten on thousands of executive resumes from hiring managers at leading organizations.

Our team has seen it all, done it all, and put it all into this resumé guide. It’s a 50 page PDF guide dedicated to improving the most important document of your career.

We are experts in helping executives use a proven framework to quickly and easily create a resume that works.

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Our comprehensive (but no fluff) guide helps you efficiently create a resumé that gets you interviews.

You'll learn:  

  • How to turn your past successes into impressive, quantified accomplishments 
  • Laser-like targeting for the job you want 
  • Insights about what content hiring managers really focus on when scanning your resume
  • What NOT to include (and why you should avoid those trendy infographics!) 
  • Extreme editing to make every word count 
  • Formatting your resumé for maximum impact 
  • Choosing the right template (buy now and get 8 professionally designed Word templates so you can quickly create your new resume!)

Take control of your job search and stop ending up in the "no" pile.  

Your dream job opportunity is only 50 pages away. Are you ready for the Kirby Partners Executive Resumé Guide?

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