Five Global Leadership Trends

Posted on 11-06-2018
global leadership trends

Today’s world is changing quickly, with many countries undergoing social, economic and political changes. Increased globalization is resulting in both more competition and more opportunities for businesses; advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) are changing how people across the globe work. In order to respond to both the challenges and opportunities that are arising from these developments, companies need to be both resilient and agile. That also means they need executives with the abilities to lead them through these turbulent times. Here are five global leadership trends that forward-thinking executives need to be aware of:

  1. Leaders need to function in a global environment. While globalization creates more competition, it also opens up the door to cross-border collaboration, increased employee mobility and a drive towards more diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism. Executives must recognize the value of diverse input, both to enable their organizations to innovate and to allow them to be more in tune with consumers. For this reason, executives need to champion diversity and drive inclusivity within their organizations.
  2. Leaders have to be more entrepreneurial, agile, and decisive. Evolving market pressures, legislative changes, and rapid technological developments mean that companies have to be both flexible and proactive to stay ahead. As such, executives have to be able to quickly and accurately weigh all pertinent factors and make decisions that further their companies’ missions.
  3. Leaders are role models. Executives’ influence extends beyond the boardroom and the company to the global market and as a result, to numerous cultures. Increasingly, the public is holding companies and business leaders accountable, so it’s more important than ever before that executives behave in a manner that aligns with their principles and values.
  4. Millennials are moving into leadership roles. In leadership roles, Millennials embrace empowerment of their teams and employees. As a result, they promote identifying and acting on opportunities for improvement in areas, ranging from wellness policies to work processes.
  5. Leaders need to understand the impact of technology. Disruptive technology is having an important impact on work by changing roles and enhancing capabilities. Leaders will need to understand how to leverage this advanced technology while still retaining valuable human capital.

Considering the rapid change our world is undergoing, it should be clear that even the most experienced executive can benefit from being aware of these five global leadership trends in order to accomplish their organizational goals.

By Bryan Kirby, Vice President and Executive Recruiter with Kirby Partners Healthcare and Cybersecurity Executive Search. Get in touch with Bryan.

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