The Secret To Improving Your Candidate Experience

Posted on 02-08-2019
candidate experience

As part of our ongoing commitment to help organizations deliver exceptional candidate experiences, Kirby Partners conducted a study of executives to better understand the experience they had when applying for director-level or above positions with healthcare organizations. (For this study, we asked candidates only to consider their experience applying directly with healthcare organizations, not those they may have applied for through an executive search firm.)

Our study showed that significant opportunity exists to improve the candidate experience and that there is a disconnect between candidate expectations and the experience organizations are delivering.

While we were encouraged that 60% of healthcare organizations plan to invest resources in the coming year to improve their candidate experience, our data suggested that most organizations don’t know where to start.  However, we found that there is a clear area that most organizations need to focus on to improve their candidate experience.

Improving communication is the #1 area organizations should focus on to improve the candidate experience

When asked to prioritize where organizations need to focus their efforts to improve candidate experience, executive candidates indicate that increased communication should be the top priority.





Leading healthcare organizations recognize that delivering an exceptional candidate experience is critical to hiring today’s top talent

With just 17% of executive candidates having an A or A+ experience with the last healthcare position they applied for, it’s a huge opportunity for organizations to differentiate themselves.  As healthcare organizations face increased competition for top candidates, delivering an exceptional experience can help organizations attract and hire the best candidates. We encourage organizations to focus on increasing the frequency of communication with candidates to ensure a positive candidate experience.

Want step by step guidance on crafting an optimal candidate experience?  Check out our free e-book “Blueprint for Delivering an Optimal Candidate Experience” for easy-to-implement guidance.


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