Five Easy Tips for Quickly Hiring the Best Candidate

Posted on 10-24-2017

As executive recruiters, we help dozens of organizations hire top leaders each year. Organizations that are most successful at quickly finding the right person for their vacant position follow these easy steps:

  1. Treat the hiring process as a project and assign it to one person to project manage. Hold the project manager accountable for driving the timeline and achieving results. The project manager should provide regular status updates to the search committee, managers, peers and other stakeholders. Typically the project manager is from the human resources team, but they do not have to be.
  2. Develop and stick to a timeline.  Ensure your team is aligned on the steps you’ve defined in your hiring process and your proposed timeline. Block times for interviews as the search is starting, making sure you’re planning around holidays, business trips, and vacations. Top organizations not only share their timeline internally, but also share it with candidates to help elevate their candidate experience.
  3. Define exactly what the organization needs and wants, as well as where compromises can be made. Get consensus from stakeholders on not only exactly what experiences the perfect candidate has, but also where trade-offs may be made. For example, if a Bachelor’s degree is required for a position, but a great candidate with twenty years of experience and no degree applies, should that candidate be considered?
  4. Create a sense of urgency. Having a vacant position costs your organization money and extended vacancies can decrease morale for team members having to cover extra responsibilities. If filling the position is a priority for the organization, stakeholders will make time to be involved in the process no matter how busy they are.
  5. Leverage technology. The hiring timeline can be shortened through use of technology like Face Time or WebEx for initial interviews. It may take a candidate several days to find a calendar opening so they can drive to your headquarters and interview, but they may be able to do a telephone or video interview after hours or during lunch. The more accommodating you can be, the faster you’ll fill your position.


Following these simple steps speeds up the hiring timeline and helps ensure you get the talent your organization needs.


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