Video Interview Technology Tips For Success

Posted on 04-06-2023
Video interview tips for successful interview

As executive recruiters, we conduct dozens of video interviews each week, and we’ve found that few job candidates excel at video interviews.  We’ve seen just about every possible mistake made. From candidates sitting in front of highly distracting backgrounds (like a table piled with kids’ toys) to surprise appearances by family members, we’ve seen it all.  

However, the problem we see most often is technical issues that could have been prevented through proper equipment setup and testing ahead of time. There is nothing worse than having your video interview go poorly because of a technical issue, so follow these three tips to minimize the chances of something going wrong.

Three Essential Video Interview Technology Tips:

Test Your Technology and Install Any Needed Video Platform Software Ahead of Time

It should go without saying, but make sure to test your equipment prior to your interview so you can troubleshoot any issues.  We’ve had way too many interviews start five or ten minutes late because a candidate’s computer was missing a required application or plugin.  Research the requirements for the video platform being used and do a test session with a friend or colleague before the interview. If requested, most organizations (including ours) will happily accommodate a pre-interview technical check so you’re ready to start your interview on time.

Ensure Your Internet Connection is Fast Enough

Slow or choppy internet causes frustrations for both parties.  If possible, connect to an ethernet line rather than using wifi for a more stable connection.  If you are using wifi, make sure you’re on a private, password-protected network and not on a free public network.  Sit as close to the router as possible and check your connection speed to make sure it’s adequate. An easy way to gauge your connection speed is to play a video on YouTube.  If it plays smoothly without noticeable delays your connection speed and quality should be adequate.  Another way to check is to run a free speed check at (look for an upload and download speed of at least 5 Mbps).

Use A Phone or Headset for the Best Audio Quality

Although most computers and laptops have built-in audio capabilities, we recommend using a landline or cell phone to dial into the video platform.  Phone lines are much more reliable than computer audio systems and are less likely to have an echo, delay, or other sound problems. You may want to use a headset if you do not have a good-quality speaker phone.

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